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          Cemented Carbide Valve Components


          The valve stem is an important part of the valve, which is used for transmission, connecting the actuator or handle, and directly driving the valve core to move or rotate below to realize the valve switch or regulation.

          The valve stem is not only a moving part and a stress part, but also a sealing part in the opening and closing process of the valve. At the same time, it is impacted and corroded by the medium, and it also rubs against the filler. Therefore, when choosing stem material, it is necessary to ensure that it has sufficient strength, good impact toughness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance at the specified temperature. The valve stem is a fragile part, and the mechanical and heat treatment properties of the material should be paid attention to when selecting the valve stem.




          Zigong Jingqiang Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. 


          operating environment is a hard alloy private enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, finishing, sales and service. The company has established GB/T19001-2008 quality management system and GB/T24001-2004 environmental management. The system guarantees the quality of products and provides customers with high quality carbide products and technical services.


          The company's main products are: oil nozzle, sandblasting nozzle, atomizing nozzle; carbide valve seat, valve core; alloy mold, tungsten steel bushing, sealing ring, special-shaped non-standard blade; hard alloy sheet, bar, pipe ; wear resistant high temperature corrosion resistant material. Main advantages: hard alloy wear parts, non-standard shaped products. Widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, aviation, mining, stainless steel products, metal forming and other industries. Well received and loved by our customers!



          Why choose us




          Packing and shipping




          Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

          A: We are professional manufacture with our own indenpendent export rights.


          Where is your company address ?

          A:Our production department and sales department are all in Sichuan.


          What is your sample policy?

          A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.


          Can you produce according to the samples?

          A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.


          How long is your delivery time?

          A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 5-35 days if the goods are not in stock,it is according to the quantity.


          Commonly used cemented carbide grades,performances,and recommended applications:
          YG3XK0115.10-15.3093.6High wear resistance, widely used in cast iron/non-ferrous metals and its alloy/hardened steel/alloy stell high speed finishing machining.
          YG6K1514.80-15.0091.1High wear resistance, applied to cast iron/non-ferrous metals/alloy/non-metallic material semifinishing and finishing machining.
          YG6XK1014.80-15.0092.4Fine particle tungsten carbide, high wear resistance. Applied to chilled alloy cast iron/heat-resistance alloy steel/common cast iron finishing machining.
          YG8K3014.60-14.8090.5Migh bending strength, impact resilience and seismic resistance Applied to cast iron/non-ferrous metal and its alloy/non-tmenllic material low speed finishing machining
          YG9/14.45-14.6588.2Good wear resistance, high strength, suitable for nozzles and sleeves of water spray hole of PDC drill bits and cone roller bits.
          YG10/14.35-14.5587.7High bending strength, suitable for making fiber sheet of impact cyclotron, ball teeth and mine roller drilling ball teeth.
          YG11/14.20-14.4087.0 Better wear resistance, good impact resistance, suitable for high pressure nozzles in the petroleum, chemical and mechanic industries.
          YG15K4013.95-14.1588.0 Good strength and impact toughness, suitable for making non-standard structure and mechanic components in workings conditions of large stress.
          YG20/13.40-13.6087.5Optimal strength and impact, toughness, suitable for making non-standard structure and mechanic components in working conditions of very large stress.
          YN6/14.70-14.8591.5Excellent erosion resistance, often used in petroleum and chemical industry.
          ZK10UFK05-K1514.75-14.9593.6Good wear resistance, high strength, suitable for making parts of standard and deep-sea submerged oil pump.
          ZK2OUF/14.53-14.7393High wear resistance and bending strenghth, suitable for petroleum, medical, mining industry.
          ZK30UFK20-K3014.33-14.5392.2High wear resistance and strength, suitale for making impact resistant non-standard structural and mechanic components.

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